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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Do it.

I love to spread the good word.  With a website called Fitnessgod.com, it only makes sense, right?  Corporate lunch and learns, health fairs, and sales meetings provide a pulpit and a congregation to hear my message.

With every presentation, I believe someone is about one hour away from changing their life forever.  Sound crazy to you?  Not to me.  They won't "learn" how to change their life during the presentation; they will only "hear" how.  They will only "learn" how by taking the information and applying it on a daily basis.

My goal is to inspire audience members into taking a little self inventory -- a check-up from the neck-up.

They only have to answer one simple question:

Am I doing what needs to be done?

Fitness is not complicated.   Certain specific fitness protocols may accelerate the process, but most people just need to get started.  Simply put:  People need to just do it -- and keep doing it.

Like any good pastor, I am also a salesman.  My primary competition is the status quo, which manifests itself as a health and fitness apathy.  It's easier to go home after a long day at work, rather than hit the gym.  Easier still to swing through the drive-thru for a sugar laden meal.  What I am selling is the idea that you will feel better if you choose health and fitness.

That's not to say people that are healthy and fit don't have problems. Of course they do. They just aren't making things worse by trying to deal with those problems from a place of fatigue or poor fitness.

There is no doubt most people want to feel better -- they're just looking for it in the wrong places.  Junk food, candy, caffeine, alcohol, 5 Hour Energy...the list of artificial pick-me-ups are long and woven so tightly into our society as "normal".  But, what is the long term price?  Mother Nature can be quite fastidious when it comes to exercise, quality food, and sleep.  Try to fool her for too long and there will be a price to pay. 

The best time to think about your health and fitness was ten years ago.  The next best time is today! -- Dr. Uche Odiatu

A big challenge is helping people realize this process of lifestyle change takes time. Setbacks happen and 'carburator adjustments' are often required to make further progress. Unfortunately, it is during these setbacks and plateaus that people tend to quit. They usually don't quit with an outright declaration -- not even to themselves -- but rather slowly fade from the scene in favor of familiar, less healthy ways.
Until one day they just don't show up.

What most people need at this crucial point  is a good dose of Art Williams. 

Huh? Who is Art Williams?

 Art Williams is a former high school football coach turned insurances salesman turned billionaire mogul.  Back in 1987, Art was invited to speak at the National Association of Religious Broadcasters and gave a speech simply entitled “Do it.”  It is probably the best sales speech ever given.  And yes, that even takes into account Alec Baldwin’s near Oscar winning scene from the sales movie classic, Glengarry Glen Ross.

When I do a seminar I ask attendees what is preventing them from being in top physical condition. You might guess the number one reason given is 'lack of time.'

I think Art Willaims would scoff at this reason; would call it an excuse.

So with full credit given to where it’s due, I’d like to put my spin on his famous speech and address all the people that don't seem be be able to get it done.

(Insert southern twang and evangelical spit-fire)

You see a fit person doesn't make excuses.  A fit person keeps fighting every day. There is no alternative.
Now, you might ask,
"Well Patrick, how do get it done when life is always getting in the way?"
You just do it.
“But Patrick, I don’t have the motivation.”  So what?  Just do it.
“But Patrick, work is killing me.” Good point.  You better go do it.
“But Patrick, I just got laid off.” Then you need it more than ever.  So do it.
But Patrick, my low back (ankle, knee, shoulder, whatever) hurts.” Get instruction and do it.
“But Patrick, exercise is uncomfortable.” Congratulations, you know how to do it.  Now do it.
“But Patrick, chasing my toddler is a workout.” Love and raise your kid, but don’t kid yourself.  Now go do it.
“But Patrick, I walk my dog for exercise.” Cesar would be proud.  Now make Patrick proud.  Go do it.
“But Patrick, I hate gyms.” Ok.  Do it somewhere else.
“But Patrick, “I am not in shape like you.” Of course not, but do it anyway.
“But Patrick, anybody that proclaims to be the world’s greatest is full of himself.”  Don’t make this about me -- just do it.
“But Patrick, I’ve tried in the past.” Super-duper. Do it again.
But Patrick, I’m pregnant.” You did it.  Now go do it.
“But Patrick, I don’t cook.” Learn how and do it.
But Patrick, my kids won’t eat that.” Be the example and do it.
“But Patrick, I don’t have the time.” Something is more important that your person?  Just do it.
But Patrick, my spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend doesn’t help me.” Find help elsewhere and do it.
“But Patrick, I can’t afford you.” Make it happen and do it.
“But Patrick, I’m scared –I have never succeeded at anything.” Your birthright is to be healthy, so do it.
“But Patrick, I am doing it!” Great, keep doing it.
“But Patrick, when can I stop doing it?” You must do it and do it and do it and do it, until you reach the point where you just keep doing it.
I didn’t say it was going to be easy.  Nothing worth having in life is.  You know in your heart of hearts this to be true.
So once and for all, what do you need to do?
Just do it!”
It really is that simple, isn't it?



  1. Hi Patrick,

    I'm a keen cyclist and novice triathlete. I have been following a functional fitness 'primal' training regime for around 4 years and reasonably strict paleo diet for just over a year. "Just do it" is definitely the right approach - I'm looking forward to following your blog.

  2. Awesome first post! Look forward to hearing more from you

  3. Great post. Very inspirational and as someone that has been making all those excuses forever, I'm done with that and ready to DO IT :-) Glad you are my trainer

  4. Great post, Patrick! I'm looking forward to reading more. Thanks for all you have done to help me shed almost 30 pounds.

  5. Subscribed! (Both via RSS and E-mail)

    Now if only I lived in Orlando so I could go work out with you more frequently...

  6. I like this post, I know I personally do a lot of mental masturbation. I feel Im pretty spot on with my diet but some health problems just seem to have popped up but ill just keep doing it!

  7. Great inspiration! Fitness is so much mental.

  8. Just found your blog from Conditioning Research. Enjoying it so far.

  9. Like this vid!
    ALso this one is great, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tjYoKCBYag
    Just do it, even if you fail!